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Monday, February 21, 2011

In debt... need help?

I think if anyone tells you they are not in debt...

Somehow 8 out of those 10 people are in denial...

My husband and I are still trying to find the "perfect plan" for us to be debt free!

Even though we are slowly conquering this... it is still there.. hence the reason I coupon
(I also do it for the awesome stockpile I have created due to the help of so many wonderful blogs out there).

Let me stop getting off track here
(seriously I could go on and on about stock piling and couponing but I will leave that for another post one day).

I found this great article about
Debt Relief

Too Silly Sisters and their 100th sale!

Do you like girly stuff? Do you like Necklaces? Bracelets?

Well if you answered yes to those.. then I have a great shop for you! She just had her 99th sale and she posted that her 100th sale will earn that buyer a sweet little surprise with their order... What is it? I have no idea but knowing her it will be something you will adore. So if I were you I would head on over to this lovely Etsy shop Too Silly Sisters.

You can also visit her blog, Morning Glories and Moonflowers.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Breakfast for Dinner?

(This picture was taken by Ruth the creator of Living Well Spending Less)

Who doesn't love eating breakfast... and for dinner.. YUMMO!!!!

Ruth's blog is a blog I frequent as much as

The way she writes is beautiful and her posts are always interesting and educational.

She posted this wonderful recipe for
(I am sure we all know how to make this, but the way it looks and we all need a little reminder right?)
breakfast for dinner.

This is exactly what we are making for dinner.

Thank you Ruth for the inspiration!


No posts at all in this blog..


Because I deleted them all..

I love my blog... but I was just not up to blogging at all..

Things are still a bit, well, umm, wonky (is that a word? I think it is, so I will use it).

I am still not me at all.. I am not living in funk land anymore... I am just not me.

But I did do a little scrap booking thanks to this wonderful scrap booking group that I am in and for some reason they keep me around... I talked one of the owners to throw out a challenge for us girls and she did it.. (ha-ha, I have her wrapped around my pinky.. but do not tell her ::evil grin::)

So here is my *always simple but beautiful to me* contribution to the challenge!!!

P.S. I am still not a good picture taker... Also this was at night.. yeah that is my excuse.